This is being a lovely weekend

There is something about Spring that attracts positive feelings to me. I feel happy about the weather, and therefore, i start to feel cheerful and optimistic about other things too. I went to have my eyebrows shaped nicely yesterday, so i was feeling really good about my appearance. I went into the charity shop thinking they might have some boots, and sure enough, they had the exact style i was looking for in just the right size! I also bought a new skirt and top, two necklaces and a pair of pyjamas from the charity shop! Where i was willing to spend £30 on one pair of boots i got all of that for under £20! Bargain!!

A friend came round for lunch and a chat, after which we went to my cousins’ school for the concert. It was absolutely excellent! I was astonished at the talent of the young children, and all that the teachers are doing to encourage them musically! They have a percussion band, an orchestra and a choir! I kept having to remind myself, “This is a primary school!” The kids are aged 5 – 12. It’s absolutely amazing what the kids are able to do. My cousin did very well on the piano, and our duet from The Little Mermaid was well received. I guess i did alright on my piano solo, but to be honest it’s a total blur in my memory! Everyone told me i played well! :)

Second Life continues to be a very effective distraction for me! Every time i ought to be doing some chores, i just think i’ll pop into Second Life, see what’s going on, and inevitably there is something to draw me in!! It’s great fun though, i am really enjoying it! I went to a party last night (actually two!) and i suggested a song for the DJ to play. Next thing i know, the track is playing through my computer headphones, and everyone else at the party was hearing it too! Isn’t technology marvellous!!


2 comments on “This is being a lovely weekend

  1. I’m glad the concert went well! I was thinking about you yesterday, hoping you and your cousin had a good time :)

    I actually tried to comment and say so then but I can’t get OpenID to work for some reason (more likely my laptop than your site I think).

  2. Hmm, i am having problems with the OpenID plugin, you’re not the only one to have reported difficulties. I shall have to look into it.

    Thanks for thinking of us! :)

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