Thank you to everyone who wrote supportive comments on my previous entry.

We buried Suzie tonight. I’m sorry i can’t write any more just now because it makes me cry.


Geeky overheard

We have a strange, slightly unhealthy love of guids here. The following is quite a normal geeky conversation in our department:

Well what you do is you look in md_attribute_template.
What was the guid, do you remember?
Was it B869B370 …?
E2BF …?

We have developed this (utterly false) notion of a guid ‘mountain’ and we talk of them being a scarce resource, like fossil fuels, that are being used up. We talk of buying guids from guid shops, some of which are better than others, and some that sell cheap guids and sometimes give you duplicates. Sometimes we accuse each other of wasting guids, imagining that they can never be used again once they have been generated.

In reality, of course, they are all entirely random, and there is an unfathomably large number of guids available, so the chances of generating the same one twice are unbelievably small!

Rest in peace

I think our hamster may have passed away last night, or if not, will do soon. We have been trying all week to get Suzie to eat, but apart from a few bits of grated carrot, Suzie has been refusing almost everything. We have been giving the anti biotics, and up until last night Suzie didn’t seem to be getting any worse. However, last night i knew something was wrong when i opened the house and Suzie didn’t even move at all. I could see some slight movement of very faint breathing, but the poor thing was so weak and could barely move at all.

This morning i saw that Suzie was in the same position and i didn’t even open the house to look for breathing. I think, for Suzie’s sake i hope that death came peacefully and there will be no more suffering. But i am sad, so sad. Suzie has been such a good friend for a year, so loving and docile. I really thought we could get through this illness and restore Suzie to perfect health, but now i am preparing myself that it probably won’t happen.

I had a hamster before who i thought had died, but turned out to be hibernating. However, i have the feeling that Suzie became so weak and tired, this is probably not simply hibernation. I am sorry to say, i think we will need to bury Suzie tonight. :(