Feeling better today

I cried hard for Suzie last night. It feels weird with just the two of us in the house, like someone is missing. I haven’t yet brought myself to clean out the cages, though i should do that soon. I think i am going to give them away on Freecycle. I don’t think i’ll want another hamster for a few years now.

Today wasn’t so bad … i was able to talk about Suzie without getting teary-eyed. I want to say a huge public THANK YOU to my partner who has been wonderfully supportive and understanding, caring for me and comforting me.

We are going out tonight: there is a geography lecture about satellite technology … something to do with tom tom navigators, i suppose. It sounds interesting, and should provide a nice distraction for me tonight, apart from Second Life! :)


3 comments on “Feeling better today

  1. A belated “sorry” to read about Suzie’s death. I shouldn’t offer advice, as I don’t know you, but I think you are being hasty about the cage. It looked very nice indeed in the pictures I saw – I am sure that Suzie must have loved it. I think you should give things a few weeks in case you decide to have another Hamster. I know you can never replace Suzie (I can’t think of appropriate words that won’t have you in tears, so I’ll stop now).
    Many virtual hugs.

  2. Thanks Pierre. My partner would agree with you about not giving the cage away just yet. I suppose i just want to extract memories and package them away safely. It took me two years from losing my previous hamster to being ready for another one. I think the cage would be wasted if it was stored in the garage for all that time. But we shall see.

    Thanks for your supportive comment.

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