Happy Valentines Day

To all my friends and everyone i love … have a happy Valentines Day.

My valentines ‘thing’ is i make a special meal. We don’t go out to eat – it’s too expensive – but valentines is the one time of year where i am tempted to try cooking something special and different. Tonight i am doing stuffed courgettes with a lemon sauce. Smells good – i am quite looking forward to it!

My no-chocolate-for-Lent kind of ruled out my usual valentines gift from my partner … but instead i got some Sport Relief socks!! :D I wore them today! My partner also made me a lovely sweet card. Awww!

For all the single people out there, by choice or by circumstance … sorry about today, but be sure to enjoy Singles Awareness Day tomorrow! :D


4 comments on “Happy Valentines Day

  1. Today wasn’t a happy valentines day for the students at Northern Illinois University. 18 wounded, 5 killed, then the gunman shot himself and he died.

    I still haven’t heard from two of my friends at NIU. Everyone else I know there is okay.

  2. WHAT?! Oh no. Arrghh, that is a tragedy. Thanks for letting me know, i hadn’t heard. I am so sorry, and i hope your friends are okay.

    Hugs and lots of love xx

  3. Happened at about 3pm cst so that’s about 9pm your time. I don’t know if the news has spread overseas yet but it’s all ready a nationwide story because of VT last spring.

    There have been five school shootings in the US in the last week. One of them was a eighth grade boy. He was shot and killed by classmates because he was gay and appeared very feminine.

  4. It’s unbelievable, the things people will do motivated by fear. Be a source of love today, to those who you know, and to all who need to know love.

    My thoughts are with you. xx

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