Hypnosis update

Well the hypnosis didn’t seem to take very long … it seemed to end a bit abruptly. I’m not sure whether i completely let myself go but i did feel very relaxed and full of gratitude. I spoke the affirmations out loud, very slowly, after the hypnosis had ended. I noticed a heightened sense of hearing.

I wonder if i can get any other free hypnosis sessions online to try out.


3 comments on “Hypnosis update

  1. There are lots of free hypnosis sessions online – I have some available (and will have a couple more soon), just click my name above and the link should take you there.

    Anything in particular you’re looking for?

  2. I got a new website built the other night. I like this css I’m using better than my old one.

    New Website: Teague’s Space
    Old Website: Midi Boards

    I took out the left hand side navigational panel and moved it to under the header panel. I’m also using rollover images instead of just links. The color is starbucks green.

  3. Hi Mike, thank you very much indeed! I will listen to your podcasts. I am looking for confidence and de-stress so yours seem perfect! :)

    Dear Liam, thanks for the web links. Good to see you are still enjoying your web designing! :)

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