Fairtrade campaign

I thought i’d update to say i have a meeting with the Director of Development and Operations on Wednesday to talk about switching to Fairtrade certified products. I have also been invited to speak at the employee representatives meeting in April, and i have already gained the support of several colleagues here.

LOL, i feel i should have the BBC following me around, filming my progress! ;)

I have made a presentation in which i embedded two videos. I used keepvid.com to get the .flv from youtube, then Riva FLV Encoder to turn it into .mpeg, and embedded it straight into the Powerpoint so that it plays on-click! :) Marvellous!

The two videos i have used are these:
Fairtrade at work
Fairtrade Dominican Republic


2 comments on “Fairtrade campaign

  1. Good luck with the presentation!

    If you pray (I’m not sure if you do), could you keep me in your prayers tomorrow? I’m hoping to get some answers from my doctor about what is causing me to have several day long absolutely painful headaches. Whether it’s a sinus problem or something is triggering me to have migraines we don’t know yet.

    *Hugs* Love ya big sis.

  2. I am so sorry to hear that. I will be thinking of you today, hope you get better soon.

    Thanksfor your well wishes, and your hugs! :) Big hugs to you too xx

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