Vista SP1

I’m scared! I have been instructed to install Vista SP1 for testing purposes. The installation guidelines told me to backup EVERYTHING on to an external hard drive (preferably in a fire-proof building a minimum of three miles away?!) and that i needed SEVEN GIGABYTES of free space! For a Service Pack, y’all!! The 64-bit version needs 13GB free!

Now it is telling me that the upgrade may take an hour or more, and the computer will reboot several times during installation.

Vista SP1 has been described as dog poo with icing on top. Fun for me! :)


7 comments on “Vista SP1

  1. LOL, i installed it and it completely screwed up the network settings. But there was a little, “ooo click here to fix the network settings” button (oversized button, naturally!) and then it trundled off and did something and indeed, it did fix it!

    I reckon it messed up network settings deliberately just to be able to revel in the glory of, “Look at me, I am Windows Vista and I fixed your network settings!”


    Don’t worry – at home i go nowhere near anything to do with Microsoft!

  2. Yeah see that’s why I don’t go anywhere near Windoze OS’s. I’m actually looking forward to upgrading to OS Leopard in the fall when I get my MacBook Pro.

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