Eight HP movies!

I am very excited to learn that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be released in two parts. This is excellent news. The big difference about Deathly Hallows from the other books is it that virtually everything is essential to the plot of the books. No little subplots that you can easily take out or work around.

For me it means extending the magic of Harry Potter a little longer, and having another three movies to look forward to until Summer 2011. That is a very good thing, in my opinion, and i disagree with all the cynics who say WB are only doing it for the money. I am hoping that, with 2 movies to work with, they will really do an excellent job and do a great justice to the entire series.

The rest of this post is full of spoilers; my speculation of where they might split the two parts.

My thought is that Part I will take place over several months – the wedding, the escape to Grimmauld Place, Kreacher’s story, the Ministry of Magic, camping, Ron’s disappearance, Hermione and Harry’s trip to Godrics Hollow, Ron’s return and all the slashy goodness that comes with it (yum!!), possibly climaxing in the adventure at the Malfoy Manor and Dobby’s death (*sniff*, the saddest part of the entire book).

By contrast, almost the entire Part II could span just one day. Starting with the trip to Diagon Alley, the Gringotts break-in, getting the cup, flying on the dragon, flashes of Voldemort chasing after the horcruxes, Hogsmeade and Aberforth, the truth about Dumbledore, going back to Hogwarts (YAY!!!!!), Dumbledore’s Army, Ravenclaw common room, the Carrows, Professor McGonagall (FOR THE WIN!!!), Snape, Oliver Wood (please, please can Wood come back!!), that epic battle, getting the tiara, the Shreiking Shack, Snape’s death, Snape’s memories, Harry’s decision, Harry’s death-or-was-it?, reunion with Dumbledore (remember to take tissues!), flashbacks of young Dumbledore and Grindelwald snogging (would be nice!), Harry coming back, NEVILLE!!!!!, and the final show-down and victory. Oh, and Draco Malfoy too!

Crikey, i’ve just realised that two parts is not enough! We need THREE!!!

I have heard that they are going to do the epilogue, and they are going to keep the same actors, making them look a bit older. They say it’s important that we end the series still recognising the characters we have all grown to love.

5 comments on “Eight HP movies!

  1. Idk if it’s such a good thing to split them. And then it’s a matter of where they’re going to split them. Most of the camping stuff they can cut out. I think they should end the first part right after Godric’s Hollow. Yep.

  2. Well, that would be approximately half-way through the book, i suppose, so they might do it that way. And Godrics Hollow is a really touching scene, would make a good ending, particularly as it is a Winter scene, and the film is released in November.

    However, as i pointed out above, most of the action takes place in the final quarter-to-third of the book, most of which spans over 24 hours. So i think it would be good done that way too.

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