More about LJ

Brad Fitzpatrick was against the removal of basic accounts.

Makes me wonder what the advisory board is for really, if advice gets ignored!

Also, OH MY GOSH, this comment from January 2005 is stunningly prophetic.

“it will be about 2 years before major decisions start being made that are not the ones that Brad and the other officers would’ve made”

“LJ will eventually no longer be a labor of love for those behind the curtain, and the founders will move on”

“LJ is officially a business, and will be run like one — right into the ground, if necessary.”


LJ does it again!

Why is it that LJ can barely ever make a single news post without doing something stupid and irking everybody off?! I think they love the drama. I bet they have board meetings going, “What crazy thing shall we do this time to annoy everyone even more than last time?!”

This time they have made a wonderful announcement of all the marvellous things they have done since being acquired by SUP … they just conveniently forgot to tell anyone that they have stopped allowing people to create new basic accounts. Which just seems so awfully underhand, like practically everything that LJ ever do! It didn’t take long for people to notice, and for the drama to begin.

Every time this happens i hear more and more people saying they are fed up with LJ and will leave it for good. I’m glad i can just sit over here from my little place of calm and watch the fall-out from a safe distance. I certainly see no reason to encourage any new people to join LiveJournal. WordPress is the place to be now, folks! :)