More about LJ

Brad Fitzpatrick was against the removal of basic accounts.

Makes me wonder what the advisory board is for really, if advice gets ignored!

Also, OH MY GOSH, this comment from January 2005 is stunningly prophetic.

“it will be about 2 years before major decisions start being made that are not the ones that Brad and the other officers would’ve made”

“LJ will eventually no longer be a labor of love for those behind the curtain, and the founders will move on”

“LJ is officially a business, and will be run like one — right into the ground, if necessary.”

3 comments on “More about LJ

  1. Haha, yeah, i think i joined LJ in about 2001 or something around that time. I loved it back then. I used it a lot over the years, but i don’t like what it has turned into.

  2. I started writing two new HP fics in my classes at school today. One is about Mad-Eye Moody and how he earned his name Mad-Eye. The other is going to be some pairing about Albus S. Potter and… idk yet. Haha.

    I’m about to jump ship from LJ but only one of my friends has migrated over to IJ.

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