A plan for the holidays

I have just thought of something useful i can do over the holidays: upgrade WordPress and investigate K2.

Something really important is to get the OpenID commenting working again, however i have to do that, even if i have to say “please log in with OpenID before making a comment”. K2 looks great, but i’ve just seen there is a brand new 2.5 preview of WordPress which might be worth a go. It talks about one-click plugin upgrades which is something i really wanted from K2. I’ll have a play and see what works best!

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I am in a distinctly holiday mood! Once i leave work today i am off for five days until Tuesday! :)

Not doing anything special, just taking some time to relax. I will try to avoid Winchester city centre if at all possible whilst people are re-enacting the murder of Jesus. That sounds rather gruesome to me.

I just saw this interview with Grace Hopper, one of the first ever computer programmers, and developer of the first compiler. What a fantastic role model.

– “So how did you know so much about computers?”
– “I didn’t! It was the first one!”

LOL, i want a ‘nanosecond’ too!!

LiveJournal boycott

I know there are some LJ people who read this, so you might be interested to hear about this:

One day LJ content strike on Friday

I’m not actually sure whether this will make much difference, but it might be fun to do anyway, particularly if it encourages people to look into migrating elsewhere.

Here is a nice compilation of LJ’s greatest f***-ups (also known as How not to do business on the net).

Here is some information on how to leave LiveJournal.

And here is an excellent post about OpenID and how to use it between LJ-based sites.

The new place of choice seems to be InsaneJournal, which appears to me to be an excellent choice. I would also re-iterate my endorsement of WordPress, either hosted on wordpress.com (easy peasy) or hosted yourself by downloading from wordpress.org (harder but very rewarding!).