Nice day! :)

I have come a long way with the WordPress 2.5 and i really like it! It’s a much cleaner layout for the admin area. I also found a wonderful template from so i like it way more than the current theme i have. I’d put it up tonight except i know if anything goes wrong i won’t be able to sleep until i’ve fixed it, lol! I shall do it tomorrow.

Today i bought a ukelele! :D For £12.95 – bargain!! A colleague at work bought one recently and it seems a fun instrument to learn!

The author of Kittens for Dummies uses MyChores! :) I only found out today when i received this testimonial:

As a writer I live by deadlines. MyChores helps me keep track of the dates that articles and projects are due. I couldn’t operate without it.

Dusty Rainbolt

I followed the link and that’s what i found! :)

Kittens for Dummies

Now i need to get a copy and get Dusty to sign it, heheh! ;)

Oh, one more thing … i have completed my 43 days without chocolate! I am still going for another 3 days though. Whoever said there were 40 days in Lent was wrong!