I am now up with the WordPress 2.5 and my lovely new theme from freewpthemes.net. I love it! Nice and calm and blue! I do like pale blue websites, although this is possibly a little bit cold, what do you think?

I think i have found a better OpenID plugin – i’d be grateful of some test comments to see if it works for you. It no longer tries to register you on this site … it just takes your URL and authenticates with OpenID if it can. I think that’s sensible.

Oh, they really have done well on this new WordPress! I just noticed how easy it is to upload/insert an image. Very neat! I’ll upgrade journal.mychores.co.uk soon too! :)


6 comments on “Upgraded!

  1. Hello Aimee. I can’t resist books about kittens…
    This screen remembered my details. Let’s see if the comment works.

  2. Hello again Aimee. I don’t have an OpenId account; I do have a Blogger account (although no blog). Your comment box remembered my name and my e-mail address from previous comments, but the “Website/OpenId” box was empty already. I am pretty that I have problems in the past when the box in question was pre-filled and the comment was rejected until I cleared the box.

  3. Aha, that’s good. Don’t Blogger supply OpenIDs yet? Behind the times, heh!
    Alright, thanks so much for trying it out.

  4. Wow, I like the new theme! I don’t think it’s too cold – it’s clean and relaxing and kind of spa-like. (Or what I imagine a spa might be like, considering I’ve never actually been to one.)

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