Frequent posting day

There’s something about computer woes that makes me want to blog a lot! I finally got Rails installed by some convoluted means. I wrote a lot down, crossed out a lot … next time i still won’t know which steps were actually necessary!

Now i am having trouble with Aptana/RadRails which apparently doesn’t appreciate having 64 bits to play with. I seem not to be the only person who is having this problem. I am considering trying something completely different.

Update: Installed GVIM and got the Ruby syntax highlighting working … and just discovered i can use it to clean up my code indentation! That has totally sold it to me! :D

Rails grrr

Why oh why is it so difficult to install Rails?!??!

I’ve never once had a clean install of Ruby, RubyGems and Rails that has gone exactly as the instructions say it should. Always there are missing dependencies, weird permissions errors, or things end up in funny places where you can never find them again.

RubyGems is the standard Ruby package manager. It’s similar to apt-get, emerge, and other OS package managers.

Yes, it’s ‘similar’ in that it calls itself a package manager. The difference to apt-get is that … hmm … apt-get actually works! I absolutely adore apt-get – it’s the easiest thing in the world!! :D

Interesting …

I made a booboo with my computer this morning. I’m not quite sure what i did but i ended up so that it couldn’t see flash drives or CDs. So i have reinstalled, and it seems to have decided to give me 64-bit Debian this time! :)

Which will be fine if i can manage to configure all my software for it … haha!

Fortunately it seems to have remembered most of my preferences. I have to go through all the faff of setting up the nvidia drivers again … boohoo! Is this what rainy bank holidays are for?! ;)

Update: as re-installs go, this must be the most successful one i’ve ever done! Configuring the graphics card and sound card were a breeze, everything is working as it should, and i have just recorded 2 CDs for a friend! Nice! My next challenge is to install Ruby and Rails, and then i want to try the new version of Aptana Studio and RadRails.