Interesting …

I made a booboo with my computer this morning. I’m not quite sure what i did but i ended up so that it couldn’t see flash drives or CDs. So i have reinstalled, and it seems to have decided to give me 64-bit Debian this time! :)

Which will be fine if i can manage to configure all my software for it … haha!

Fortunately it seems to have remembered most of my preferences. I have to go through all the faff of setting up the nvidia drivers again … boohoo! Is this what rainy bank holidays are for?! ;)

Update: as re-installs go, this must be the most successful one i’ve ever done! Configuring the graphics card and sound card were a breeze, everything is working as it should, and i have just recorded 2 CDs for a friend! Nice! My next challenge is to install Ruby and Rails, and then i want to try the new version of Aptana Studio and RadRails.


4 comments on “Interesting …

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