Songbird 0.5

Woohoo!! Songbird 0.5 is released!!

Blog post
Release notes
Downloads for Windows/Linux/Mac

Also, my very favourite feathers (theme) Goose has been updated for 0.5. Hooray!!

I have been following this effort over the last few months, watching the test statistics, downloading the release candidates, so i am really excited that it has now been released for real! :)

You can all uninstall iTunes now! ;)


2 comments on “Songbird 0.5

  1. I just got my laptop back from being repaired last night and the first thing I did was upgrade from Tiger to Leopard. I love Leopard. It’s actually faster than Tiger and I have a new program called Front Row that let’s me watch movies like I’m in a movie theater. It’s so rad.

    I can’t wait to get a MBP in August and start running Final Cut on it.

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