And now i hear LiveJournal, in their infinite wisdom stupidity, have dreamed up ANOTHER account type!! Just a way of cramming a few more advertisements into their site! Whatever were they thinking?!!!

And what was it they said a couple of weeks ago about three account types being too complicated when signing up? Idiots! I wish SUP would just come right out with the truth: “Yeah, we’re greedy selfish bastards who just can’t wait to make a whole bucket load more money out of you suckers!” Cos that really is what they’re saying, whether it’s in those words or not.

2 comments on “Unbelievable!

  1. Yeah, I just saw the announcement about the new accounts. Sounds like a dumb option, though (like your whole page will have a theme relating to the product that’s sponsoring it?), and they’re only testing it for Russian users right now… Why are there so many Russian people on LJ, anyway?

  2. LOL, i liked somebody’s comment:

    “Gwen Stefani would be the absolute last thing I would want to see in any way, shape, or form– on my Live Journal theme.”

    And by HP i susupect they do not mean Harry Potter. Maybe it’s HP brown sauce! ;)

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