Good weekend!

We had a nice weekend away with goodarcher: a bit of gardening, a bit of de-cluttering, lots of chatting and socialising, a bit of Torchwood, and a wonderful trip out to Bosham and elsewhere around and about West Sussex today. It was absolutely lovely. Met some nice new friends and had a very peaceful time. Came home in time for me to squeeze in a few chores, heheh! :)

The clock change is annoying me like it usually does. What’s the point, anyway? Everything feels wrong to me today and the time seems to be passing incredibly slowly. Except it’s now supposedly dinner time and yet it still feels like late afternoon. Why do we have to go through this annoyance twice a year anyway?! I generally try to ignore British Summer Time as much as possible – i shift my working hours to 9-5 during the Summer as opposed to 8-4 during the Winter. As far as my body clock is concerned i am working the same hours; it’s everyone else who has changed!

I reinstalled Debian again the latter part of last week, and i think i now know exactly how to install Ruby on Rails (and more importantly, how not to). I’ll write a post about it later. The good thing is, i am now updating MyChores to be Rails 2.0.2 compatible, so we can start to use the speed enhancements and API options of Rails 2.

Next week i am on a C# course in London. I am looking forward to it because i like learning, and it’ll be good to understand exactly what this C# thing is that i’ve been programming in! I am pretty good at feeling my way with programming languages, but i’m sure i’ll be hugely better at it once i know all the tricks and tips! :)

I also get to spend a night with nyecamden which will be fun! :)

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