More glory for OpenID

Resumo: OpenID ofertas unuobla ensaluto por multoblaj TTT-ejoj. Mia TTT-ejo – MyChores – nun havas elektilo por pli faciligi OpenID.

As everyone knows i am a huge fan of OpenID, so i was delighted to discover that JanRain have launched another fantastic product, called ID Selector, which makes it easier than ever to login using OpenID.

It was very easy to incorporate the DHTML plugin into MyChores, and i made a little video to show how it works.

I have even been Twittered!

Weekend news

Resumo: Mi parolas pri mia semajnfino – agrabla kombinaĵo de plezuro, muziko, programado kaj hejmtaskoj.

I have had quite a productive and enjoyable weekend. On Friday night we went to the Railway Inn, a local pub well-known for live music. We saw The Autons play there, who were very good and we got a nice chat with them afterwards! I guess we are Autons groupies now! :) We also managed to blag a free copy of the single! Actually there was no blagging involved … the CD was eagerly thrust upon us!!

I decided to give Shabbat a miss this week, and spent most of Saturday working on updates to MyChores. I’m really pleased with what i’ve done. I’ve upgraded to Rails 2.0.2 which includes some security improvements, plus i implemented Globalize and enabled a switch to American English, and i made good use of the Google Chart API to get some quite stunning, auto-updating charts.

I am definitely intending to make the whole of MyChores translatable, and give people the option to translate into their language if they wish. I’m going to go first with an Esperanto translation, to make sure that it is possible, and because i fancy the practice, and because i love to tell the world about Esperanto!

The charts make a huge difference. I am always amazed at how the same data can be presented in a different way and convey a lot more meaning. For example, this is my chart of household tasks that i’ve done today:

Household tasks 82%

14 out of 17 tasks = 82% done

We didn’t have the pie chart before, but but i find it so helpful, and also very motivating. I hope other people like it too. Also a simple graph of the tasks i have done in the last 4 weeks:

Tasks completed in the last 28 days

It honestly took me by surprise to feed in the numbers and see the chart come out! Clearly i do most of my tasks on Sundays, but i didn’t realise there was such a consistent pattern to it! :)

Oh yes, here’s one final example of what Google Charts can do:

People by location

Total number of people: 874

Nice, hey? :) I’m very pleased i discovered it.

More than half my life

Resumo: Hodiaŭ estas speciala tago: mi estas vegetaranino de dek kvar jaroj; pli ol duona de mia vivo.

Today marks the day that i have been vegetarian for 14 years. I always celebrate the day with a blog entry because it happens to be my favourite day of the entire year! 25 is my favourite number because i like powers of 5, and April is my favourite month because of the changing weather and the days getting longer and everything generally seems to cheer up a bit in April! Both these favourite things are probably heavily associated with the day in 1994 when, after 2 weeks of asking, my parents consented to me becoming vegetarian.

This year is particularly special because it means that i have been vegetarian for more than half my life. I was 13 when i became vegetarian. It is quite an achievement, i should say, although i realise there’s not much point counting because i can’t imagine a point in my life when i’d ever desire to eat meat again.

OGC logo embarrassment

Resumo: La nova emblemo de OGC (Ofico de Registaro Komerco) estas embaraseta.

So the Office of Government Commerce in London decided to make a new logo.

They got it printed on pens and mousemats but not until they presented it to staff did they realise that there was something a bit embarrassing about it.

Still, they’ve spent the money now so they’re going to go ahead with it. Once you’ve seen it the embarrassing way you can’t see it any other way!

String theory

Komika bildo ke mi ĵus trovis ĉe xkcd:

String Theory

Mi konfesas, mi ofte scivolas kio estas la efektiva kialo de kordoteorio …

(Sorry i’ve been in a major Esperanto mood for the last few weeks since i discovered the Esperantists in Second Life! I promised my blog won’t go entirely Esperanto!)

Baby blankie

I think this is turning out to be a baby blankie, which is fine by me! As promised here are some updated pictures:

Blankie progress

Blankie progress

It seems to get bigger every time i photograph it! I am currently estimating it to be about 2 metres wide! Plenty wide enough to cover a double bed! Woohoo!!

I am still accepting offers of wool donations, if you have any you’d like to offload onto me! Thank you to ladybird for the dark red that i am using right now, and the pale yellow that you can see mixed in with the pink just before the fluffy bit! :)

Britain's Got Talent

In case anyone has not yet seen this little angel by the name of Andrew Johnston … i saw this 13-year-old kid on Sunday Life this morning, and oh my gosh, this purity of voice brought tears to my eyes. Especially when you hear the back-story of bullying and realise all that Andrew has overcome to get to this point.

Grab yourself a packet of tissues and click Play. I promise you, it is well worth it.

I think i will be watching Britain’s Got Talent from now on!

Shock, a meme!

I haven’t done a meme since moving to this blog, but this is a fun one. I hope people won’t hate me for it. You put your name plus a verb into Google (or i prefer Scroogle because i like to surf the web without being watched) and see what comes up first.

Thanks ladybird for the meme!

“aimee needs”
Here are some of the funny results for what “Aimee needs”. Aimee needs another adventure with hubby to recharge things. Aimee needs to stand on a box the …

“aimee looks like”
Aimee looks like a gorgeous doll with her falsies.

“aimee likes”
Aimee likes writing lyrics that rhyme – and she’s not at all apologetic …

“aimee wants”
Aimee wants to look pretty in pink

“aimee does”
“Aimee does really good cuts”. A review of Kasush Hair Design by Jenny S

“aimee hates”
aimee hates mayonaise.

“aimee goes”
Aimee goes solo. First album, Whatever…, critically acclaimed. Record company confused. Second album, I’m With Stupid, even better.

“aimee loves”
Aimee Loves You.

“aimee has”
Since childhood, Aimee has had an intuitive connection with animals, … Aimee has been working with parrots since 1985.

Well, the mayonnaise thing is completely wrong – i love mayonnaise (so long as it’s Hellmans!). The solo album is, of course, about Aimee Mann. As a bonus, i just discovered a weird website: I promise i had nothing to do with that!