I just came home and noticed this on the balcony:


I have not really been looking after the plants terribly well, so this was very unexpected! It’s amazing what a little bit of sunshine can do! For reference, here is the story so far with this nasturtium plant …

Nasturtiums Nasturtiums Nasturtiums doing a treat!

Even more unexpectedly, even the Aster plant has produced some buds and looks about to burst into bloom, even though the leaves look almost dead:


Amazing! :)

The C# course was very good today; i learned how to produce and consume web services, and we did a bit of ASP.NET this afternoon. I am reluctantly quite impressed how you can code C# into a button on a web form, and i like how you can cache data into a DataSet and synchronise it with the database later. Much as i hate to acknowledge it, Microsoft do sometimes have a few good ideas! I got a certificate for being on the course, signed by Bill Gates!

I had a lovely evening with Nye last night, and it was great to be able to leave at 08:45 and just have a short tube journey to get to the course. Aster13 is on a train right now, coming to stay for the weekend. Yayness! :)

Oh, i’ve just remembered i forgot all about Bloglines this week! That’s going to take a while to catch up …


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