Hurrah! Skype on 64-bit Debian!

Oh, tonight is a night of success! :)

Thanks to this guide i have just managed to get Skype working on my 64-bit Debian. It required a few extra libraries for me. I am impressed by this getlibs trick. I think i’ll be using that a few more times. Thanks lovely lovely thoughtful people who make Linux life so much easier!

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Flash player on Debian 64-bit

Two bits of good news. Firstly, MyChores is finally back up and running, to my great relief. We lost data, but people are being very lovely and just reassuring me they are happy it is back.

Secondly, i just installed Flash player! I have been without it since i re-installed my computer a couple of weeks ago and it decided to become 64-bit! But a little bit of Internet-poking revealed these instructions which worked a beauty!

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Anyone know Microsoft Project?

I have been tasked to write an application to lift data out of a Microsoft Project database. I am finding it really hard to understand the schema. I downloaded some diagrams and documentation from Microsoft, but i am still very confused.

It doesn’t help that i am super-distracted by MyChores being unavailable all this time. I have moved past anger into intense disappointment and sorrow now. I trusted HostingRails and they have let me down. I have found a place to write a slating review, but i am first waiting to see if William replies to an email. I am trying to be reasonable.

Major grrr

Where do you go to give feedback on web hosting companies?

I am rapidly losing my patience with HostingRails. MyChores is still not responding after all this time. Sure, they had some hardware problems, but why is it taking so long to restore? How come this blog is back but they still can’t get Rails up and running? Why were they not prepared for this sort of situation?

I have been using HostingRails for 162 days. So far the downtime has been 30 hours. By my calculations that breaks their 99.9% uptime promise quite significantly – i make it 99.2%. I paid a lot of money for a service that i thought i could trust because i realised that reliability is extremely important to the people who use MyChores. I feel very angry.

Please somebody tell me … am i overreacting or is my anger justified? I really can’t tell at the moment.

Wow, my blog is back!

Did you miss me?!

I am very upset about this downtime of more than 24 hours – not about my blog being down, but MyChores site itself which people have come to trust and rely upon. It’s still not back yet. :( I have written about what went wrong on the MyChores Journal … can’t be bothered to go through it all again here now.

Well, at least the blogs came back – that’s something. But as i suspected, i have lost data. They say that one backup restore failed so they have gone to a different one. Bad HostingRails, very bad. You’d think they would have alternative servers prepared and ready to go; you don’t expect more than 24 hours downtime from a company that boasts 99.9% uptime. Let’s hope MyChores is at least back up and running soon.