Anyone know Microsoft Project?

I have been tasked to write an application to lift data out of a Microsoft Project database. I am finding it really hard to understand the schema. I downloaded some diagrams and documentation from Microsoft, but i am still very confused.

It doesn’t help that i am super-distracted by MyChores being unavailable all this time. I have moved past anger into intense disappointment and sorrow now. I trusted HostingRails and they have let me down. I have found a place to write a slating review, but i am first waiting to see if William replies to an email. I am trying to be reasonable.


4 comments on “Anyone know Microsoft Project?

  1. Haha I supposedly use MS Project and even went to a Project Management class and I still don’t really understand it! ….Good luck?

  2. LOL i see!! ;)

    I seem to be getting somewhere at least. But it appears that they store an inordinate amount of crap in the database, unless i am programming my joins wrongly!!

  3. Isn’t Microsoft known for throwing a lot of unnecessary junk into things (e.g. web pages created with Front Page or [eek!!] Word docs saved as HTML)?

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