Major grrr

Where do you go to give feedback on web hosting companies?

I am rapidly losing my patience with HostingRails. MyChores is still not responding after all this time. Sure, they had some hardware problems, but why is it taking so long to restore? How come this blog is back but they still can’t get Rails up and running? Why were they not prepared for this sort of situation?

I have been using HostingRails for 162 days. So far the downtime has been 30 hours. By my calculations that breaks their 99.9% uptime promise quite significantly – i make it 99.2%. I paid a lot of money for a service that i thought i could trust because i realised that reliability is extremely important to the people who use MyChores. I feel very angry.

Please somebody tell me … am i overreacting or is my anger justified? I really can’t tell at the moment.


2 comments on “Major grrr

  1. I know it sucks, especially considering they’ve apparently guaranteed 99.9% uptime, but I wonder how big of a company this is? Is it just a couple guys running their own servers? If they had a hardware failure, that isn’t really their fault. (And GG’s Western Digital external HD died recently, too, right after he’d moved his entire CD collection onto it and thrown away most of the CDs. We found out then that Western Digital is known for hardware failures.) They’re still pretty close to their promised amount of uptime, and I’m sure they’ll reimburse you for the inconvenience. You seem to have liked their service so far, so I’d give them another chance :o)

  2. I was given the impression it was a medium-sized company with a team of people working all around the clock. It seems to me that the person in charge, William, is fantastic, and really cares about the company and its customers. The rest of them couldn’t care less. They don’t update their status page, they don’t reply to my questions … for all i know they could be sitting around having tea and cakes. Which is fine – they need to eat and they need to relax … but at least a little message to say what’s going on would be nice.

    I have definitely been happy with the service up to now, but it seems that they can’t cope under pressure and they are ill-equipped to deal with disasters. Not so great for a company that boasts high reliability and 24/7 support. I paid a lot of money for this, and they are not providing the service they promised.

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