Working on Shabbat!

I have had a busy morning sorting out the remaining problems on MyChores. I had some code changes to do for the OpenID functionality to be compatible with the new version of ruby-openid. I’m glad i’ve got it out of the way because i would have had to do it before we can move up to Rails version 2 (which should be soon, but not just yet – i’ll let things settle down a bit first!).

So it has been a busy stressful Shabbat for me, but i would have found it entirely more stressful to leave it alone and continue worrying all day. I did manage a trip out to the library, and bought some more wool and a circular needle, so i’m going to sign off now and enjoy the rest of the Shabbat in peaceful knitful bliss! :)


2 comments on “Working on Shabbat!

  1. I am actually making a blanket! A bit ambitious, but it’s a great way to use up old scraps of wool. Which i have now done, lol! So i’m buying more! But i am hoping that some friends and family will give me some spare bits of wool to add in.

    Tomorrow i may make a post and put up a picture of how it’s going so far.

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