More wool required!

As Sixfeet asked me what i am knitting … well it is something enormous that will grow to gigantic proportions and will eventually be a blanket! I posted about it before but it got lost in the HostingRails fiasco, so here is a new picture:

Blanket progress

You can see a 30cm ruler for reference. I estimate that this is going to be about 120cm wide! Nice! :) Hence why i needed a circular needle just for the length of it.

I need more wool! If anyone fancies donating me any bits of left-over wool, please get in touch with me! Any kind of wool is good, any colour, thickness, style … it’ll all go in! I think it will be nice to have contributions from friends and family all knitted in together. Aster, who inspired me to make a blanket last week, already donated the grey that started me off. The rest i had already, or i have bought since.


4 comments on “More wool required!

  1. I’ve got some random balls I’ve saved from Richards mum – she was going to throw them away! You want to meet up sometime?

  2. i will happily donate wool. and my mike will be quite pleased to get it out of the house! what weight are you using? i have some lovely pink (WHY did i BUY that? i HATE pink!) wool from my last visit to kerry that would work beautifully with your blankie.

    and … thanks for the idea! i am going to start asking for yarn on MY site too.

    you have the email … let me know if you want me to send.

    btw: the blankie is LOVELY.

  3. Hi, yes i will email you, it would be lovely to receive some wool from you!

    Thanks, i’ll take a new picture tomorrow; it has grown quite a lot bigger! :)

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