JK Rowling vs RDR Books

I feel quite upset by this ongoing court battle. It’s awful that it has come to legal action at all. It is quite clear to me that RDR Books are the villains here, not Steve Vander Ark or Ms Rowling. The Harry Potter Lexicon was and is fine as a website, where no profit is made. It has even been praised by JK Rowling. It was RDR Books who got the idea of publishing, even though Steve Vander Ark had reservations, thinking it might breach copyright. RDR Books have insisted on going ahead anyway, even after being asked not to.

The trouble is, i feel as if this whole thing is hinged on JK Rowling’s personal opinion: “I don’t really want you to publish this”. RDR Books think that they are perfectly entitled to do so, under fair use law, and i have to say their argument is pretty convincing. I really don’t know how this will turn out. I’m sure Steve Vander Ark would happily walk away from the whole thing so as not to cause any more upset, but RDR Books are not going to drop it. I can see this getting even nastier before it gets resolved.


2 comments on “JK Rowling vs RDR Books

  1. Steve Vander Ark is one of the villans he wants a piece of the action nothing of this would happen if he wasn’t so greedy and want to release a book that is not his the companyRDR would have stopped if he would have not gone on with the trial and all the nasty comments that he said about J.k…..

  2. It’s nasty business all round isn’t it. I’ve heard some snide comments from JKR towards Steve too. I hope they can just settle this amicably. It’s sad that it has come to this.

    According to this account Steve broke down into tears whilst testifying. Either Steve is a spineless wuss or RDR Books have bullied Steve into this.

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