Shock, a meme!

I haven’t done a meme since moving to this blog, but this is a fun one. I hope people won’t hate me for it. You put your name plus a verb into Google (or i prefer Scroogle because i like to surf the web without being watched) and see what comes up first.

Thanks ladybird for the meme!

“aimee needs”
Here are some of the funny results for what “Aimee needs”. Aimee needs another adventure with hubby to recharge things. Aimee needs to stand on a box the …

“aimee looks like”
Aimee looks like a gorgeous doll with her falsies.

“aimee likes”
Aimee likes writing lyrics that rhyme – and she’s not at all apologetic …

“aimee wants”
Aimee wants to look pretty in pink

“aimee does”
“Aimee does really good cuts”. A review of Kasush Hair Design by Jenny S

“aimee hates”
aimee hates mayonaise.

“aimee goes”
Aimee goes solo. First album, Whatever…, critically acclaimed. Record company confused. Second album, I’m With Stupid, even better.

“aimee loves”
Aimee Loves You.

“aimee has”
Since childhood, Aimee has had an intuitive connection with animals, … Aimee has been working with parrots since 1985.

Well, the mayonnaise thing is completely wrong – i love mayonnaise (so long as it’s Hellmans!). The solo album is, of course, about Aimee Mann. As a bonus, i just discovered a weird website: I promise i had nothing to do with that!


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