OGC logo embarrassment

Resumo: La nova emblemo de OGC (Ofico de Registaro Komerco) estas embaraseta.

So the Office of Government Commerce in London decided to make a new logo.

They got it printed on pens and mousemats but not until they presented it to staff did they realise that there was something a bit embarrassing about it.

Still, they’ve spent the money now so they’re going to go ahead with it. Once you’ve seen it the embarrassing way you can’t see it any other way!



16 comments on “OGC logo embarrassment

  1. Hahaha good job on the copypasting and rotating! Several people in the office were tipping their head sideways this morning. I find that once you’ve seen it, you see it all the time without even tipping your head or rotating at all!

  2. Lol, thats made my day. That’s better than the time the BBC showed a 2012 Olympics logo which looked liked Goaste!

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  4. Heheh, i like your post too, Jack! Excellent! :)

    If they had any sense at all they’d put a stop to this before it gets any further. But no, they are going to carry on regardless!

  5. As a friend of the director of the design company that produced this work – I can assure you that this logo is merely a self portrait

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