More than half my life

Resumo: Hodiaŭ estas speciala tago: mi estas vegetaranino de dek kvar jaroj; pli ol duona de mia vivo.

Today marks the day that i have been vegetarian for 14 years. I always celebrate the day with a blog entry because it happens to be my favourite day of the entire year! 25 is my favourite number because i like powers of 5, and April is my favourite month because of the changing weather and the days getting longer and everything generally seems to cheer up a bit in April! Both these favourite things are probably heavily associated with the day in 1994 when, after 2 weeks of asking, my parents consented to me becoming vegetarian.

This year is particularly special because it means that i have been vegetarian for more than half my life. I was 13 when i became vegetarian. It is quite an achievement, i should say, although i realise there’s not much point counting because i can’t imagine a point in my life when i’d ever desire to eat meat again.


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