Weekend news

Resumo: Mi parolas pri mia semajnfino – agrabla kombinaĵo de plezuro, muziko, programado kaj hejmtaskoj.

I have had quite a productive and enjoyable weekend. On Friday night we went to the Railway Inn, a local pub well-known for live music. We saw The Autons play there, who were very good and we got a nice chat with them afterwards! I guess we are Autons groupies now! :) We also managed to blag a free copy of the single! Actually there was no blagging involved … the CD was eagerly thrust upon us!!

I decided to give Shabbat a miss this week, and spent most of Saturday working on updates to MyChores. I’m really pleased with what i’ve done. I’ve upgraded to Rails 2.0.2 which includes some security improvements, plus i implemented Globalize and enabled a switch to American English, and i made good use of the Google Chart API to get some quite stunning, auto-updating charts.

I am definitely intending to make the whole of MyChores translatable, and give people the option to translate into their language if they wish. I’m going to go first with an Esperanto translation, to make sure that it is possible, and because i fancy the practice, and because i love to tell the world about Esperanto!

The charts make a huge difference. I am always amazed at how the same data can be presented in a different way and convey a lot more meaning. For example, this is my chart of household tasks that i’ve done today:

Household tasks 82%

14 out of 17 tasks = 82% done

We didn’t have the pie chart before, but but i find it so helpful, and also very motivating. I hope other people like it too. Also a simple graph of the tasks i have done in the last 4 weeks:

Tasks completed in the last 28 days

It honestly took me by surprise to feed in the numbers and see the chart come out! Clearly i do most of my tasks on Sundays, but i didn’t realise there was such a consistent pattern to it! :)

Oh yes, here’s one final example of what Google Charts can do:

People by location

Total number of people: 874

Nice, hey? :) I’m very pleased i discovered it.