Twitter TOS – my final word

This whole Ariel Waldman thing has turned into an enormous, fierce debate with some people strongly supporting Ariel, some people congratulating Twitter for not turning into a nanny service, some people claiming it’s all lies and a publicity stunt, and many other opinions in between.

My opinion is: I don’t care whether Ariel made it all up. I only care about the way Twitter react to personal harassment, abuse and racial hatred – all of which i have seen on Twitter yesterday. At the moment Twitter are sending the message that it’s perfectly okay and they are turning a blind eye. This is causing people to push the boundaries further still, to see how much they can get away with.

Here’s the catch: i’m strongly against censorship … but i’m also strongly against personal attacks, bullying, discrimination and incitement of hatred. So what do you do? Where is the line drawn between free speech and harassment? Who is to decide what is okay and what is not okay?

I do think that Ariel should have gone to the police rather than rally up this huge mob of angry people. It has not really done Ariel any favours at all. But as for Twitter i’d like to see some sort of statement that deliberate foul abuse of any individual or any group of people is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. They need to do something about it. If they continue to imply that it’s perfectly okay to abuse whoever you like on Twitter, then i am not going to want to be associated with Twitter any longer.


A warning against Twitter

Resumo: La retejo Twitter rifuzas preni agadon kontraŭ ofenda kondukto. Tiu ĉi estas komplete malakcepteble.

To all who use Twitter: you need to be aware of this:

Twitter refuses to uphold Terms of Service

This story is shocking in the extreme. After months of ongoing bullying, harassment, foul language, hate speech, smearing of a person’s identity, Twitter had this to say:

“We’ve reviewed the matter and decided it’s not in our best interest to get involved.”

This is absolutely shocking and Twitter need to change their tune fast. This kind of behaviour is absolutely unacceptable and there is no question that the abusive user needs to be banned from Twitter and all their hateful comments purged. Twitter are scared of a legal battle, but their Terms of Service clearly state:

“You must not abuse, harass, threaten, impersonate or intimidate other Twitter users […] Violation of any of these agreements will result in the termination of your account.”

As an internet community we have a moral responsibility not to let anyone get away with this kind of behaviour. I write this in support of the victim, but also for the good of the Twitter community as a whole. If one person can get away with it, people will soon learn that Twitter is a place where they can be as abusive as they like with no repercussions. This needs to be stopped as soon as possible.

Digg it, Stumble it, blog it … do whatever it takes. If Twitter will not deal with this, then we as a community most certainly will.

Update: Follow @wesupportariel and help take action on this! Oh, i love a good bit of activism!!

I got the job!

Resumo: Mi kaptis la laboron de Rubeno sur Reloj por kiu mi aplikis sabaton! Mi apenaŭ ne povas atendi por komenci!

Dear readers … i am going to be a full-time Ruby on Rails web programmer! This is just so incredible … it has felt perfect from the start, and i’m so delighted that it has worked out for me!

What’s really exciting is how much Twitter was involved. This really is Job Hunting 2.0. Less than 2 weeks ago i made this tweet, which began the process of changing my life. I was befriended by this person who writes this blog and it was from there that i followed a link and got searching for Ruby on Rails jobs in Hampshire. The rest sounds somewhat like a Craig David song:

I applied for the job on Saturday, sent my CV on Sunday, had an interview on Tuesday, accepted the position on Thursday!

All along the way Twitter has been useful for me … for asking questions and receiving support and advice. Sometimes life just really works out extremely well. I feel incredibly blessed. I have also been doing a bit of NLP and positive affirmations for myself recently, and i am quite sure that it played a part in helping all this to fall into place so perfectly!

It’s great because i know that MyChores is going to benefit from this. I will be learning Ruby properly, rather than just making it up as i go along. No doubt i will learn code optimisation strategies and i will understand some of the more complex techniques which have baffled me so far. I will also be writing tests using Behaviour Driven Development and RSpec – so i look forward to applying the same ideals to MyChores too. I checked that MyChores remains my own. I’m not about to hand it over to anybody! I am still perfectly welcome to continue working on it in my spare time.

The company i will work for is very small and intimate (i will bring the team up to 5) … the office is a wooden chalet on a farm, surrounded by fields. It could not be more ideal! Since i first read the job description i knew this was the job for me. Not that my current job is bad; it just doesn’t inspire me much. I have always had the idea that i should LOVE my job – and i am convinced that this new job is going to be ever so rewarding! So now it’s just a question of how soon i can leave my current job and start my profession of passion!!!

Idle fingers apply for jobs

Resumo: Hodiaŭ mi aplikis por laboro en mia urbo, kaj mi promenis en la kampojn, farinta fotojn.

So i didn’t really know what to do with myself today after my London plans were scuppered by South West Trains. For one reason or another i followed a few links and discovered a Ruby on Rails job in Winchester! I’m not even looking for a job, but somehow i ended up applying for it! I just thought, “Well, why not! Give it a try, hey!”

This afternoon i went for a lovely walk through the fields of oil seed rape, taking lots of pictures. I think i felt my Flickr account was somewhat tainted by the nemews and i wanted to counterbalance it with some real beauty. I took some shots which i am quite proud of, particularly this one:


I can’t say what it is i like about it. I’m not a photographer so i don’t know. I suppose i like the angles, and the perspective, and the colour. Pffft what am i talking about?! I’m no pro. Although …

My Flickr has gone over 200 pictures and i have now lost the oldest ones. I am wondering whether to upgrade to ‘pro’. I do like having them all recorded online. Is it beneficial to upgrade? I was going to say £24.95 is a lot, but now i notice that’s dollars, so only £12.75 which is not so bad for a year. Hmm. I’ll think about it.

Just cos i love to whore my photos out on here, have a few more …

Oil of the future Pretty white flowers Bridge Strolling

Nemews and ducks

Resumo: Mi volis iri en Londonon hodiaŭ, sed estas fervojoverkaro do mi ne scias nun kion fari kun la tago. Mi fotografis pli da grafitio.

My gosh, my ‘resumo’ in Esperanto is so boring, i don’t know if it’s even worth writing this post! I was going to visit K in London today, was really looking forward to it. I was just about to shut down the computer and make my way to the train station when i thought it would be a good idea to look up the times. That’s when i discovered that there was engineering work again and basically i would probably spent about 6 hours travelling today if i went. So i’m going to go on Thursday instead.

I got up early this morning and took some more nemew photographs. Some have already been cleaned off but you can still kinda see where they were. Let me repeat: i want to see these cleaned off. I want Winchester restored to the beautiful city that i know and love. But there is something curious about the nemews which i think needs to be recorded for historical purposes.

Nemew, Tower Street Nemew, Tower Street Nemew, Hampshire Record Office Nemew, Newburgh Street

I also saw some ducklings scavenging for food. It’s not uncommon to see ducks wandering the streets of Winchester. Normally it’s one of those moments when you think, “Ahhh, i wish i had a camera with me!” – and today i did! :)

Ey up duck! Ducklings

Uhh, what else? Nothing. I’m really disappointed at not going to London. I don’t know what to do with my day! Blah!

Nemew, Winchester

Resumo: Multaj grafitioj de unu vorto aperis en mia urbo la antaŭa semajno. Mi serĉas ilin por dokumenti la problemon.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, the letters ‘NEMEW’ appeared in 35 places across Winchester, painted with a brush and white paint. A 19-year-old has been arrested in connection with the crime and a clean-up operation is in place.

Before Winchester is completely purged of the nemews, i thought it would be interesting to find as many of them as i could and take some photographs, just as a documentation exercise. I don’t approve of graffiti, and it upsets me that Winchester has been defaced in this way (it’s not even pretty graffiti!) but i can’t help feeling a little bit impressed that somebody managed to paint it in so many places in one night. As far as i’m aware, nobody saw it being done. It is impressive in that it is so prolific, and in a couple of places it must have been quite dangerous to do.

Surprisingly a search of the internet returned no image results. I would have thought lots of photos had been taken. So i have created a Flickr group: Nemew, Winchester and i welcome contributions for anyone who has seen this particular graffiti to take a photo, geo-tag it and add it to the group. Then we can see them on the nemew map.

I have only managed to find 11 so far.

Nemew, Corinium House Nemew, Eagle Court Nemew, Sussex Street subway Nemew, Sussex Street Nemew, Cafe Centro Nemew, North Walls Nemew, North Walls Nemew, Hyde Abbey Road Nemew, City Road Nemew, Hyde Close

It’s not illegal or immoral to take photos of graffiti, is it? Even if it’s on somebody’s private property? I hope not!

Thank you to Jack for tipping me off about a few of them.

Turn a web page into PDF

I just found this and thought i’d share.

How to export a web page into PDF

It’s a bit sneaky, but i say the fault is with Adobe for making their service too obviously hackable!

If it helps anyone, i made a bookmarklet. Just drag it to your bookmarks toolbar and it’ll be ready to click anytime you want to make a PDF.

Make PDF

I am making no guarantees as to how long this will work. If i worked for Adobe i’d like to make this feature a little bit more secure, heh!

We have a visitor!

Resumo: Mi kulturis ĉi tiujn florojn el semo, kaj hodiaŭ ni havis visitanton al ili!

I feel incredibly blessed to think that these nasturtiums i grew from seed have flowered and are now considered worthy of a visit from a bumblebee!

This little visitor spent about ten minutes buzzing round all our flowers this morning, taking a little bit of pollen from each one. Yum yum, isn’t that delicious?! Don’t you just want to go and make some lovely honey from all that yummy pollen?! :) :) Next time we buy some honey i’ll like to think that we might have contributed to it with our flowers! :)

Here are two of the better pictures that i managed to take before i got too scared about annoying the bee!

We have a visitor!

We have a visitor!

Isn’t nature adorable?!

Blanket, as promised

Blanket progress

I did loads yesterday! I was about half-way through the big red section yesterday morning. There are some lovely textures in the yarns. Thank you to Ludy for the purple yarn that i am using at the moment, and also for teaching me how to do a kind of basket weave knit pattern. I’ll take a close up once i have knitted out a bit and the pattern can be seen more clearly.

Kia Bifesto! (What a BiFest!)

Resumo: Mi tre ĝuis Bifeston hieraŭ. Mi vidis malnovajn amikojn, amikiĝis kun novaj amikoj, kaj faris abundo de trikado.

So i am really glad we went to BiFest yesterday! That was definitely one of the best i have ever been to. Nice points were: it was well spread out with plenty of spaces we could go and not feel cramped up together, they provided a buffet tea for us, we got to watch Doctor Who (yay!!) and the weather was simply amazing for us!

I was able to see and catch up with some old friends and make some new ones. It seemed as if there were several new people there, but there were also many people noticeably missing, which was a shame.

The craft corner was a massive success, building on previous years. I think there were at least ten people doing some sort of knitting or crocheting during the day. I like to joke that bisexuality is synonymous with knitting! In truth, i believe it is all thanks to Ludy! I got a lot done on my blanket yesterday (pictures to come later today!) and i taught somebody how to knit! Yay! :) I also got chatting to somebody else about crochet, who had a totally excellent idea of a group crochet project where multiple people can work on the same thing simultaneously, using multiple threads, joining in or dropping out as they please. This sounds like something for BiCon! :D

Doctor Who was so much fun with a room full of people watching it together! We were all laughing and cheering and shouting at the television! A very interactive television watching experience!

All in all, i had a great time, met some lovely people with whom i’m hoping to keep in touch, and i do hope we’ll be able to go to BiCon this year. I am thinking of running an Esperanto workshop at BiCon, to introduce other people to the delights of the language! :)