We have a visitor!

Resumo: Mi kulturis ĉi tiujn florojn el semo, kaj hodiaŭ ni havis visitanton al ili!

I feel incredibly blessed to think that these nasturtiums i grew from seed have flowered and are now considered worthy of a visit from a bumblebee!

This little visitor spent about ten minutes buzzing round all our flowers this morning, taking a little bit of pollen from each one. Yum yum, isn’t that delicious?! Don’t you just want to go and make some lovely honey from all that yummy pollen?! :) :) Next time we buy some honey i’ll like to think that we might have contributed to it with our flowers! :)

Here are two of the better pictures that i managed to take before i got too scared about annoying the bee!

We have a visitor!

We have a visitor!

Isn’t nature adorable?!


3 comments on “We have a visitor!

  1. Very nice photos indeed, Aimee. You must have been pretty close to the bee, unless you have a strong telephoto lens.

  2. Heheh yes i was a bit close! After a few minutes i got scared and ran back inside before the bee got too angry of me taking photos!! It was quite a giant bee, actually.

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