Idle fingers apply for jobs

Resumo: Hodiaŭ mi aplikis por laboro en mia urbo, kaj mi promenis en la kampojn, farinta fotojn.

So i didn’t really know what to do with myself today after my London plans were scuppered by South West Trains. For one reason or another i followed a few links and discovered a Ruby on Rails job in Winchester! I’m not even looking for a job, but somehow i ended up applying for it! I just thought, “Well, why not! Give it a try, hey!”

This afternoon i went for a lovely walk through the fields of oil seed rape, taking lots of pictures. I think i felt my Flickr account was somewhat tainted by the nemews and i wanted to counterbalance it with some real beauty. I took some shots which i am quite proud of, particularly this one:


I can’t say what it is i like about it. I’m not a photographer so i don’t know. I suppose i like the angles, and the perspective, and the colour. Pffft what am i talking about?! I’m no pro. Although …

My Flickr has gone over 200 pictures and i have now lost the oldest ones. I am wondering whether to upgrade to ‘pro’. I do like having them all recorded online. Is it beneficial to upgrade? I was going to say £24.95 is a lot, but now i notice that’s dollars, so only £12.75 which is not so bad for a year. Hmm. I’ll think about it.

Just cos i love to whore my photos out on here, have a few more …

Oil of the future Pretty white flowers Bridge Strolling


8 comments on “Idle fingers apply for jobs

  1. Nice Pics! If thats the field I think it is, then I occasionally see it on the way home from college. :)

    If you don’t already, give Postr a go. Its a great tool for uploading to Flickr from GNOME. Much better than F-Spots basic uploading tool.

    What program do you use to organize your photos?

  2. Heya Jack! Thanks for your comments! :) I will give that Postr a try, thanks. I can’t upload through the browser – it always times out for me, so i resorted to sending photos to Flickr by email.

    I don’t know that i really use any program to ‘organise’ photos. I just download them off the camera and drop them into a folder somewhere on my hard drive. I’ve never really thought about it. How do you organise your photos?

  3. Aha! F-Spot is available through apt-get! Great! Maybe now i can install that gtwitter … i had problems with mono dependencies when i tried before.

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