I got the job!

Resumo: Mi kaptis la laboron de Rubeno sur Reloj por kiu mi aplikis sabaton! Mi apenaŭ ne povas atendi por komenci!

Dear readers … i am going to be a full-time Ruby on Rails web programmer! This is just so incredible … it has felt perfect from the start, and i’m so delighted that it has worked out for me!

What’s really exciting is how much Twitter was involved. This really is Job Hunting 2.0. Less than 2 weeks ago i made this tweet, which began the process of changing my life. I was befriended by this person who writes this blog and it was from there that i followed a link and got searching for Ruby on Rails jobs in Hampshire. The rest sounds somewhat like a Craig David song:

I applied for the job on Saturday, sent my CV on Sunday, had an interview on Tuesday, accepted the position on Thursday!

All along the way Twitter has been useful for me … for asking questions and receiving support and advice. Sometimes life just really works out extremely well. I feel incredibly blessed. I have also been doing a bit of NLP and positive affirmations for myself recently, and i am quite sure that it played a part in helping all this to fall into place so perfectly!

It’s great because i know that MyChores is going to benefit from this. I will be learning Ruby properly, rather than just making it up as i go along. No doubt i will learn code optimisation strategies and i will understand some of the more complex techniques which have baffled me so far. I will also be writing tests using Behaviour Driven Development and RSpec – so i look forward to applying the same ideals to MyChores too. I checked that MyChores remains my own. I’m not about to hand it over to anybody! I am still perfectly welcome to continue working on it in my spare time.

The company i will work for is very small and intimate (i will bring the team up to 5) … the office is a wooden chalet on a farm, surrounded by fields. It could not be more ideal! Since i first read the job description i knew this was the job for me. Not that my current job is bad; it just doesn’t inspire me much. I have always had the idea that i should LOVE my job – and i am convinced that this new job is going to be ever so rewarding! So now it’s just a question of how soon i can leave my current job and start my profession of passion!!!


16 comments on “I got the job!

  1. Wow, that sounds wonderful!

    and also rather inspiring in a “Yes, it is possible to live your dreams” kind of way.

    Congrats and hope it all lives up to its potential.

  2. Well done, Aimee. Thank you for your information. Yep, twitter is hot and I believes more and more recruiters love to gather there to hunt the ideal candidates. Hope you succeed in your career.Cheers!

    Jack Chang, Jr.

  3. Hey Jennifer, thanks! I have felt extremely inspired by this, and i hope it is possible to inspire others too by the story.

    Thank you JackChang. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm. You were a big catalyst in getting this started for me! :)

  4. congratulations! i love my job so much that i actually feel guilty sometimes … but i just chalk that up to catholic school.

    i’m very proud of you for reaching for your star — it can be a scary thing to do. but it sounds like a wonderful position (in a beautiful setting, no less) … yay for you!

  5. Heheh yay!!! It is going to be a wonderful job – i am so lucky – and i will probably have a stupid grin on my face for at least a month!!

    No, i do believe it is good to love your job. Some people have such a weird attitude towards money, like they can only get money for doing something they dislike. I have never felt it should be that way.

    Do what you love, and love what you do! YAY! :)

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