Have you ever done a search in Windows, and kept the search window open for a really long time? That ridiculous dog starts going crazier than usual!

Here is the dog, not looking at its best …

Dozy dog

In case anyone is worried i drugged the dog, or forgot to feed it or something, don’t worry! It perked up later on!

Give the dog a bone

I don’t want to be accused of cruelty to pixellated animals, heh!

Today i found out that a 24″ iMac is waiting for me at my new job! WOoooHOooo!! I have been watching videos, boffing up on how Macs work! I have never seriously used one before, but i’m very excited! I’ll be able to honestly compare Windows, Linux and Mac. It also means that Microsoft products will no longer be a part of my life!

This final week seems to be going terribly slowly. I can’t wait to get started at my new job!


5 comments on “Windoze

  1. Microsoft made their software cross-compatible with Mac. So Word, Excel, Powerpoint, ect. are all available for Mac. Plus the iMac can dual boot into Windows.

    Just in case you didn’t already know. ;-)

  2. Ugh! You mean i could still have to use Microsoft Office?! Surely you can use OpenOffice on a Mac, no?

    LOL, having an iMac and booting into Windows is like owning a mansion but living in a shed. Sort of! Ha!

  3. I guess you can use OpenOffice on Mac. I just checked into it.

    I’m stuck using MS products though because that’s what all the computers in our labs/library at my college have. So if I want to finish a paper at school I have the right application. Otherwise, I’d totally switch to OpenOffice.

  4. Haha, that dog is ridiculous!

    My Mac-using friends tried to sell me on one by explaining that it can boot into Windows and run all the PC software. What’s the point of having a Mac, in that case?

  5. Yeah i don’t see the point of running Windows on a Mac. Unless you just want the style of the hardware. But i think it’s really a bit expensive to do that!

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