My passion

Resumo: Mi tre ĝuis mian unuan tagon de la nova laboro!

I had a really great time at my new job today! I woke up stupidly early this morning because i was so excited. Had a lovely walk to work, thinking, “I’m going to do this every day! This is actually my regular walk to work from now on!!” I got there by 09:30 and met the rest of the team. There was a new person started last week, so i bring the team up to 5, as big as we’re planning to go for the moment.

I had an introduction to the company and the way they do things. I am impressed in so many ways. We went out for a lunch at the pub … a “welcome” lunch for me and the other new person! :)

In the afternoon i installed TextMate and Git, and watched video tutorials about Ruby on Rails. They are keen for me to learn Rails properly, even though i’ve done so much already. I’m very pleased by this because i’ve sort of picked it up as i’ve gone along and i’m sure there are big gaps in my knowledge.

With a gentle breeze coming through the open window, it was hard to believe this is actually my job! It felt more like a holiday! The people are lovely, the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed … i think i’m going to be extremely happy to work there. It’s not a job … it’s a passion! :)


5 comments on “My passion

  1. SQUEE!

    Ooh, I can’t tell you how fab it is to hear your excitement! :D I look forward to hearing more about your passion in due course.


  2. I was just wondering how you had got on. Sounds brilliant. Where in Winchester are they based?

  3. Yay, i’m glad you enjoy it hun :)
    I’ve got a small job also, but its not a perminant thing so i’m not really as into it as you are with yours.

    We should talk more often.

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