I love the whole world!

I just got some flowers from a friend!

Somebody loves me!

These are a thank you gift for helping to make Shea Bliss – Natural Shea Butter Body Care – the webshop is now open and ready for business! :) I personally use the products, and they do wonders for my skin … really good quality, and they make excellent gifts too!

My job continues to go very well indeed. Most of this week i have been working on Nudo Italia – a site for olive groves in Italy. You can adopt an olive tree and receive all its produce for a year. So all week i have been looking at stunning views of Italy! :) I ordered a pot of their olive oil … it came last night and tasted absolutely delicious in a salad dressing!

Today we are going to Portsmouth … a bit of shopping and a treasure hunt and barbecue this evening. I hope this lovely weather holds out! :)


2 comments on “I love the whole world!

  1. oooooh! they’re so pretty. and it’s always nice to be appreciated, isn’t it? have a lovely day in portsmouth. maybe have a pint at the still and west for me …

  2. I’m jealous! What alot of fun that must be getting all these nice treats from all your jobs. And seriously that’s a great idea about adopting an olive tree and reeping its benefits from the year. How cool is that?

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