Oops! Forgot to put a title!

Part 2 of Marianne’s quote wasn’t that great so i didn’t post it, but part 3 is nice … gives me something to think about today:

We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

As we’re liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

A Return to Love
Marianne Williamson
Page 191

P.S. Reminder to self: get a Songbird tshirt! :)


Ajax me up, baby!

Just a little demo of what i have managed to achieve tonight on MyChores:

Gosh, i love Prototype! :)

If you don’t understand why that’s so thrilling, don’t worry! I get a little bit excitable by little things sometimes! The important thing is that i did this by intention, rather than just copy-pasting other people’s code until it worked by accident! ;)

Brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous!

Here’s a quote i love, brought to me today by newspirituality.org:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.”

We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?

Actually, who are you not to be?

A Return to Love
Marianne Williamson
Pages 190-191

Apparently it is part 1 of the quote. I don’t remember how the next bit goes. Perhaps if it’s good i might post the next bit tomorrow.

I am really very happy at the moment. I am so enjoying walking to work, i’m loving everything i’m learning. We’re working on a new project just now, and it’s so exciting to see it come together. I get on well with the people, and everything is simply wonderful. My personal life is shaping up particularly well at the moment too. More on that soon! :)

Geeky phone number trivia

I learned today that UK phone number area codes are more than just random numbers. They are *actually* coded areas. This works for most 5-digit area codes beginning 01 … the next number (or often two numbers) contain a reference to the area. Here are some that i know:

01962 – 96 = WN for Winchester
01622 – 62 = MA for Maidstone
01245 – 24 = CH for Chelmsford
01483 – 48 = GU for Guildford
01733 – 73 = PE for Peterborough
01270 – 27 = CR for Crewe

A zero sometimes seems to stand for an O:

01903 – 90 = WO for Worthing
01904 – 90 = YO for York
01202 – 20 = BO for Bournemouth
01206 – 20 = CO for Colchester

It can work for 01×1 big city numbers too:

0121 – 2 = B for Birmingham
0131 – 3 = E for Edinburgh
0141 – 4 = G for Glasgow
0151 – 5 = L for Liverpool
0161 – 6 = M for Manchester

It quite tickles me that there is this hidden code that i’d never known about until today! Maybe it will help me remember area codes if i can figure out the letters that they represent.

Next week … the hidden codes in UK car number plates …! ;)

More than a full stop

I finally feel ready to explain the grief that i was feeling when all i could manage was a full stop to get my feelings out into the big wide internet.

My kid brother is badly ill. Since there are 11 years difference in age between us, i played a big part in bringing up my brother, and we have an incredibly strong bond of love between us. It was breaking my heart to know that my precious little baby bro was going through so much suffering.

I have just come back from a couple of days away with my family, and i feel a whole lot better for it. My boss was very supportive and told me without hesitation to go and be with my family. I was very lucky that my darling Felix was also able to come and visit at the same time. We are very close as a family, and the three of us had a wonderful time last night. Tears were shed, we had many cuddles, our bonds of love and trust were renewed. I very much hope that i’ll be able to go back to visit again soon.

If anyone wants to reply but doesn’t know what to say, i very much appreciate replies containing just a full stop. To me that says, “I read your post and i am offering my support”.

MyChores news

MyChores seems to be growing quite rapidly at the moment. I think it is receiving a bit of quiet promotion all around the internet. I was delighted when i saw it casually mentioned on familieswithpurpose.com:

… or try using an online chore organizer like MyChores to help get you organized.

Just like it’s one of those sites that people should be aware of. :)

We got to 1000 members 3 weeks ago, and have added another 100 since then. This is starting to look a bit like exponential growth, and i wonder how i will be able to handle it. Already i am getting a lot more contact messages, questions and suggestions coming from the site, plus an offer to translate the site into Portuguese! It’s very exciting but i feel i haven’t enough time to work on MyChores to do everything that i want to do, and that other people want me to do.

At the same time, i am painfully aware that the code is really badly written … for goodness sake, i had no idea what i was doing when i wrote it. I had no formal Rails training; i just picked things up as i went along. If it worked, it was good enough for me! Now i’m learning Rails properly, from people who really know it, i’m picking up all sorts of tips: “Controllers should be dumb!” … “Tell, don’t ask!” … “Encapsulation!” … “Avoid train wreck!” … “Story, spec, code!” … “Red, green, refactor!” … and i realise all the mistakes i have made with coding MyChores.

Oh well, Shea Bliss is looking like it’s nearly finished, and then i should be able to dedicate some time to making MyChores really robust and optimized. I am looking forward to it but i am sort of dreading it too, because ideally i need to write an entire test suite before i start refactoring anything, which will take a lot of time and effort, whilst the lovely people who use MyChores are still waiting for the changes they have asked for which would make it just perfect for them …!

I’m scared i could get out of my depth pretty soon.

Caught in a Storm

No, the title isn’t in reference to the current freaky weather we are having (though there have been many surprise storms this week!) but it is the title of a picture that has been drawn … for me! :)

I do like the twoseekers community on LiveJournal, dedicated to Harry and Cedric, my one true HP pairing! :) On Tuesday last week rotary phones posted, saying,

As a big thank you to everyone who made last month the Month of Harry and Cedric (TM), I’m making an offer: free art! That’s right. Make a request, and I’ll do my best to set my artistic talents to the task.

I was the lucky first to get my request in:

Oooohh! That is a wonderful offer, and i have just the perfect scene that i’ve always wanted a picture of.

You know in book 3, chapter 9, the Gryffindor/Hufflepuff match … thunderstorm, everyone drenched to the skin … and the Dementors … Harry fell 50 feet and Cedric caught the snitch. Well, i know that’s what happened in the book, but i’ve read a lot of fan fiction where Cedric actually caught Harry, and in my mind that’s almost become canon now, heheh!

I’d really like a picture of Cedric swooping in at the last moment and catching Harry. If you would like to oblige i would be most exceedingly thankful! :)

And here it is, a truly beautiful picture; the bold colour style reminds me of the covers of the French Harry Potter books …

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A rare blog post

Wow, i have been sooooooo busy lately, haven’t had time to write here even though i wanted to.

I know that almost every post i do write seems to be about my job, and this is no different. I am still loving it. I have realised that it is possible to write a successful web application with Ruby on Rails, not really understanding much Ruby at all! It’s quite odd to find out how much i didn’t know … i used to go to all sorts of extreme measures to make things work when i didn’t know you could do it with a single ennumerable block statement. I knew nothing about Prototype and Script.aculo.us although i used them without understanding what they were actually doing. I am being forced to raise my game significantly, and it is giving me a huge buzz!

In my spare time i am still working hard on Shea Bliss. It is coming on really nicely, and we have some great plans to extend it beyond what we were given from FreeWebshop. At the moment i am focussing on HTML optimisations and ensuring valid XHTML compliance. It’s quite a fun task because i enjoy running it through the validator, zapping the errors and watching the error count come down! :)

Yesterday we had a nice trip out to Chichester to do some shopping. It was a pretty place, and lovely weather so we had a very good time. Unfortunately i missed the Winchester Hat Fair, and by the looks of today’s weather, i’m not going to be going today either!

Oh my gosh, Doctor Who last night … what can i say that adequately expresses my awe at the quality of that episode?! Russell T Davies is incredible. After last week’s episode, i wondered how it could possibly get any better … but oh my, the finale totally eclipsed it. It was deep, profound, hilarious, exuberant and tragic, all in one mind-blowing episode. I cried floods of tears and was sniffling all evening! I have downloaded a Donna Noble wallpaper from the BBC website in commemoration.