A rare blog post

Wow, i have been sooooooo busy lately, haven’t had time to write here even though i wanted to.

I know that almost every post i do write seems to be about my job, and this is no different. I am still loving it. I have realised that it is possible to write a successful web application with Ruby on Rails, not really understanding much Ruby at all! It’s quite odd to find out how much i didn’t know … i used to go to all sorts of extreme measures to make things work when i didn’t know you could do it with a single ennumerable block statement. I knew nothing about Prototype and Script.aculo.us although i used them without understanding what they were actually doing. I am being forced to raise my game significantly, and it is giving me a huge buzz!

In my spare time i am still working hard on Shea Bliss. It is coming on really nicely, and we have some great plans to extend it beyond what we were given from FreeWebshop. At the moment i am focussing on HTML optimisations and ensuring valid XHTML compliance. It’s quite a fun task because i enjoy running it through the validator, zapping the errors and watching the error count come down! :)

Yesterday we had a nice trip out to Chichester to do some shopping. It was a pretty place, and lovely weather so we had a very good time. Unfortunately i missed the Winchester Hat Fair, and by the looks of today’s weather, i’m not going to be going today either!

Oh my gosh, Doctor Who last night … what can i say that adequately expresses my awe at the quality of that episode?! Russell T Davies is incredible. After last week’s episode, i wondered how it could possibly get any better … but oh my, the finale totally eclipsed it. It was deep, profound, hilarious, exuberant and tragic, all in one mind-blowing episode. I cried floods of tears and was sniffling all evening! I have downloaded a Donna Noble wallpaper from the BBC website in commemoration.