MyChores news

MyChores seems to be growing quite rapidly at the moment. I think it is receiving a bit of quiet promotion all around the internet. I was delighted when i saw it casually mentioned on

… or try using an online chore organizer like MyChores to help get you organized.

Just like it’s one of those sites that people should be aware of. :)

We got to 1000 members 3 weeks ago, and have added another 100 since then. This is starting to look a bit like exponential growth, and i wonder how i will be able to handle it. Already i am getting a lot more contact messages, questions and suggestions coming from the site, plus an offer to translate the site into Portuguese! It’s very exciting but i feel i haven’t enough time to work on MyChores to do everything that i want to do, and that other people want me to do.

At the same time, i am painfully aware that the code is really badly written … for goodness sake, i had no idea what i was doing when i wrote it. I had no formal Rails training; i just picked things up as i went along. If it worked, it was good enough for me! Now i’m learning Rails properly, from people who really know it, i’m picking up all sorts of tips: “Controllers should be dumb!” … “Tell, don’t ask!” … “Encapsulation!” … “Avoid train wreck!” … “Story, spec, code!” … “Red, green, refactor!” … and i realise all the mistakes i have made with coding MyChores.

Oh well, Shea Bliss is looking like it’s nearly finished, and then i should be able to dedicate some time to making MyChores really robust and optimized. I am looking forward to it but i am sort of dreading it too, because ideally i need to write an entire test suite before i start refactoring anything, which will take a lot of time and effort, whilst the lovely people who use MyChores are still waiting for the changes they have asked for which would make it just perfect for them …!

I’m scared i could get out of my depth pretty soon.