More than a full stop

I finally feel ready to explain the grief that i was feeling when all i could manage was a full stop to get my feelings out into the big wide internet.

My kid brother is badly ill. Since there are 11 years difference in age between us, i played a big part in bringing up my brother, and we have an incredibly strong bond of love between us. It was breaking my heart to know that my precious little baby bro was going through so much suffering.

I have just come back from a couple of days away with my family, and i feel a whole lot better for it. My boss was very supportive and told me without hesitation to go and be with my family. I was very lucky that my darling Felix was also able to come and visit at the same time. We are very close as a family, and the three of us had a wonderful time last night. Tears were shed, we had many cuddles, our bonds of love and trust were renewed. I very much hope that i’ll be able to go back to visit again soon.

If anyone wants to reply but doesn’t know what to say, i very much appreciate replies containing just a full stop. To me that says, “I read your post and i am offering my support”.


15 comments on “More than a full stop

  1. Just a full stop seems a cop out ;)

    you can have ~squidges~ instead. Let me know if meeting up for hot chocolate would help!

  2. Dear everybody, thank you ever so much. Your support means immensely much to me.

    Ladybird – hot chocolate would be wonderful. We could do with a catch-up! Is this Saturday good for you?

  3. I’m sure the clear and shining kindness of your heart will be a big help to your brother in whatever troubles he’s facing. I send my thoughts and wishes to your whole family, and hope that the love you can share with each other will be the essence of the comfort and support you need at this time.

  4. Oooh! Email! Yay!

    Take time out of your day to go see The Dark Knight. Seriously. Do it. You’ll thank me for telling you to go see it.

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