Another boring post (probably)

Married life suits me well. In some ways everything feels pretty much exactly the same. We’ve lived together for 4 years, after all. But in my heart i just *know* something is different, and i like it a lot. We’re not just friends who live together anymore; there is something more to it. Something that everyone can know and recognise and celebrate!

But at the moment my beloved it at a geography conference, and i’m at home for another boring night with meaningless Twittering and blog posting! I do apologise!

I had a very good day at work. I got a few tricky things done in the morning, and lots of little easy things done in the afternoon. So it was a productive day, and i was complimented on a few things i’ve done lately, which always makes me feel very good indeed!

Tonight i have become a ‘beta’ reader for a Harry Potter fanfic. I’ve never done this before, but i loved the start of the story and it’s nice to get a sneak preview of the next chapters! My job is particularly to translate the dialogue into British English where necessary! This is fun and easy for me to do, because Americanisms in Harry Potter fanfics always stand out for me like numbers on a colour-blind test.

What number do you see?

The author send me a Microsoft Word document with ‘Track Changes’ enabled. I was delighted to find that OpenOffice knows all about tracking changes. What’s more, when i sent it back, my author was able to open it in MS Word again and see what i had changed. I love it when technology works! I was half expecting Word to throw all the toys out of the pram because i’d dared to look at it in a rival word processing application!

By the way, what colours do you see in the bubbles above? I see a 57, which is normal. Some people see a 35 instead. I used to love these tests whenever i went to the opticians when i was little! I thought they were so clever! I always got them right so there was no point in testing, but i thought it was such a fun game! :)

PS here is a very sweet video montage from my favourite film, “Beautiful Thing”. I can see Ste saying “I’m gonna stink of mint!” The Body Shop still make Peppermint Foot Lotion; i got some as a free sample the other day! :)


12 comments on “Another boring post (probably)

  1. That’s interesting – I see the 57 (in red) if I just look at it casually, but I can also make myself see the 35 (in a bluish dark-green, behind the 57) if I want to.

  2. well i am infact color blind and i can see nothing but a group of randomly colored dots…..most of which are green..

  3. oh Allah im colour blind and not able to join Pak army. coz i cant see anything in this circle except multi colour dots.i know that it is from Allah who knows better what is best for us !

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