Live from RailsConf Europe!

I am sitting in the comfy sofas near the reception area of the Maritim ProArte Hotel in the middle of Berlin! Listening to soothing piped jazz music, and reflecting on the adventure so far!

I went to work as usual yesterday, and at 3pm we all packed up, piled into a taxi and took a plane from Heathrow (Terminal 5 is looking rather stunning!) We got to Berlin late evening and had a few quiet drinks in the bar before bed.

Today (which happens to be my birthday!) is a tutorial day. I went to one on Accessible Ajax on Rails this morning, which was very useful and interesting. I have already fallen in love with Low Pro which i saw for the first time today. Unfortunately Dan Webb was unable to be there, but fortunately Geoffrey Grosenbach (aka topfunky) stepped in … i was even lucky enough to get a little personal tutoring from Geoffrey when i’d got a bit behind trying to set up my boss’s MacBook at the beginning of the tutorial! :)

The hotel are looking after us very nicely indeed; we had a delicious lunch. The afternoon was a ‘tutorial’ about meta-programming in Ruby, which was interesting to a degree, but became rather esoteric and ‘theoretically’ interesting! It suffered from having way too many slides (at least 100 and i only stayed for the first half!) instead of any practical hands-on trying out. I don’t think it should actually have been called a tutorial since it was just one super-long seminar.

Anyway, i’m with one of my colleagues right now and we’re going to have a go at using Low Pro in one of our projects. Later on we’re all going out for a birthday meal for me!

Oh yes, thank you to those who have sent me birthday wishes via text message and Twitter! Very much appreciated! :)


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