More RailsConf news

Today has been great and i have learned a whole lot. David Heinemeier Hansson did a very good talk this morning about legacy software, and our opinions of it. It was long and detailed but the basic message was: Don’t hate the code that you wrote a while ago. It hasn’t changed. Once upon a time you thought that was great software! Instead, be happy that you have learned so much that your opinions have changed. You’ve moved on, you could do better now. Recognising ‘legacy’ is cause for celebration!

That was really good for me to hear, and i relate to it very well. Since i started my new job and i am becoming a Rails expert, i feel very embarrassed about many parts of MyChores. I know i could do it so much better now. I had considered starting again from scratch, but David said that’s a bad thing because you don’t learn as much. We all watched David refactor a little bit of BaseCamp code, and we could see that just tidying up a little bit of the code can make you feel much happier about it. That was a very good keynote.

Also today i have learned about security in regards to Rails apps, and performance and caching strategies. I went to a talk about Google Gears, which was interesting. I think i may try writing a simple application that is heavily client-side, using Gears, and only updating the server through a minimalistic API. I reckon that’s the way to do it: make it highly client-side from the start. Maybe once i’ve done a new application, i’ll have more insight into how to update an existing application.

Oh yes, i met Paul Campbell this afternoon! :) Paul originally hosted MyChores for me when it first got started. I had been hoping we might have a chance to meet at RailsConf. I also chatted to some of Paul’s colleagues. They have very cute southern Irish accents. :)

This evening my team went out for a nice meal at the same cafe where we had drinks last night. It was very good. I came back to see a demonstration of MagLev, an alternative to Ruby. There are lots of these alternatives being thrown around as The Next Great Thing at the moment. I saw a demo of the fibonacci sequence, was suitably impressed, but then decided i wasn’t particularly interested in seeing the rest. I was interested in finding out about CouchDB but i forgot to follow the Twitter account to find out where it was. I’ve come back to my room for a bit of reading and an early night. Considering i haven’t slept well lately, i think this is a good plan.

One last thing to leave you with: 7 reasons for and against Google Chrome.


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