Glad to be home

It was a great final day of RailsConf. I think some of the best seminars were today. I was especially impressed by the Advanced RESTful Rails lecture. It really *was* advanced … i took loads of notes!

I had a really nice chat with Eleanor – it’s great to meet another female programmer who is as excited about Ruby as i am! We decided to skip a seminar and have a drink and chat on the comfy chairs downstairs. I hope we can meet again since Eleanor lives in London.

The ever-awesome Geoffrey Grosenbach called out to me at the end of the conference: “Aiii-meeee!! Would you like a PeepCode tshirt?!” I said i would, very much! It’s a really good fit, and beautiful shocking pink colour! I’m just delighted that Geoff knows who i am, after helping me with the AJAX tutorial on the first day! :) DHH also smiled to me a few times since our random meeting in the lift. I guess you get noticed, as a girl at RailsConf!

The journey home was good; it went smoothly. Credit where credit’s due, Heathrow Terminal 5 did not delay on getting our luggage to us. We had a taxi home which took me right to my door. I was in time for a lovely evening with my husband. :) I opened some cards and presents, ate some birthday cake (which my sweetheart had made) and drank some Bailey’s which i obtained at the duty free – i had some Euros left over to spend, haha!

I imagine i may feel a bit of a come-down tomorrow, but i’ll be around my colleagues and we’ll be chatting about the things we learned … probably investigating some of the JavaScript testing frameworks and maybe trying out some more Low Pro. So it’s all good! :)


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