Productive weekend

I’ve had a really nice weekend: interesting and exciting, both of which are relative terms, i know!

Yesterday i made my own version of the Rails scaffold generator, featuring Low Pro to do as much as possible via AJAX. The JavaScript is completely unobtrusive, all done by Low Pro behaviours. It degrades gracefully for browsers without JavaScript. I have RSpec tests for the controller, too. It’ll probably be available on GitHub soon … i just have to check with my boss that it’s alright because we’ll be using it at work.

Today i got a lot of chores done, which is a relief. Now i wouldn’t be completely embarrassed if somebody were to spring a surprise visit on us! I wrote a review of RailsConf for our company blog, and i learnt more about CouchDB and made a decision to get Rails working with it.

I am grateful to have some friends on Twitter that i met at RailsConf, who are excited about CouchDB too. It feels as if i am getting involved in something that’s going to be big and exciting, and i’m glad to be a part of it, even if it’s just writing about my experiences. I am sure it must be possible to get Rails working on CouchDB … i just haven’t managed to find any documentation to tell me how. I feel that is a space that i can fill! :)


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