A special surprise day out!

For my birthday, my wonderful partner made me a little voucher. It said:


It was all beautifully decorated and everything. So today i redeemed my voucher! :)

We went on the train to Portchester (i somehow had a feeling we’d be going to Portchester because i love castles and i’ve always said i’d like to see Portchester Castle). My partner made a big deal of teasing me, making me think we were getting off at Fareham …! Also, when we got to Portchester, we went entirely the opposite way from the castle, up the hill. It was a fairly steep climb, but it meant we got to see this view of Portsmouth Harbour:

View of Spinnaker Tower from Portchester

Later on we joined a walk organised by the English Heritage – a guided tour of the old buildings in Castle Street leading up to Portchester Castle. There are some really interesting and beautiful cottages:

An old house in Castle Street, Portchester Pretty English cottages

The castle is really lovely, and the grounds are so peaceful inside the castle walls.

Portchester Castle

Portchester Castle Portchester Castle

We also had a tour of St Mary’s Priory, which is situated in the castle grounds and is nearly 900 years old.

St Mary's Priory, Portchester

St Mary's Priory, Portchester St Mary's Priory, Portchester

Here i am, just outside the castle walls, on the shore of Portsmouth Harbour. I’m showing off my new Songbird tshirt! :)

Portchester Castle

Thank you so much to my beloved, for a wonderful mystery experience day out! :D


6 comments on “A special surprise day out!

  1. Oh was it your birthday? (I knew it was coming up soon!) Looks like a beautiful trip – that was so sweet of him to surprise you like that :o) Happy Birthday!

  2. Great shots! Glad you had a good time – I’m still to get over to Portchester Castle… which would be a good idea as I don’t think any of my family have been there – so I can wind them up from 12,500 miles – which is a good thing!

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