Review of Debian Lenny

Somebody asked if i’m going to do a blog post review about Lenny. I wasn’t going to, but then i realised i have a bit more to be said about it than 140 characters, so yes, here goes with a mini review.

I don’t find Lenny particularly exciting. It’s reasonably stable, and it’s great that Flash “just works” without having to go through any convoluted steps. It’s nice to have new versions of Iceweasel, OpenOffice, GnuCash and Evolution. The eye candy is okay … the icons feel a bit softer, and the improved fonts make it feel as if i have a slightly higher resolution. So that’s all good.

There are a few bugs. The keyboard layout resets to Qwerty every time i log on, which is pretty annoying. Dvorak is still sitting there in the list, pretending to be default, but i have to remove it and add it every time to make it take effect. Also i cannot use the very latest Linux kernel (2.6.26) – i have to choose 2.6.24 every time i boot up, otherwise it gets stuck. This evening i logged both of these on the bug reporting tool.

Happily i chose to install the 32-bit version this time. I had been on 64-bit Etch, and it just caused a lot of problems. I am so glad to have Songbird working again – it just did not work with 64-bit, and nobody knew why!

I’d recommend Debian to anybody, but i don’t see anything particularly special about Lenny over Etch. It’s just nice to have an up-to-date system, i guess.


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