Winchester Action on Climate Change

Today i went to a training session to become a ‘low carbon champion’ for Winchester Action on Climate Change. It was a good session, there was a lot to take in, but i certainly feel more confident about talking to other people and encourage people to do their bit. I met some nice people, including someone who is eager to work with me in promoting the benefits of low carbon living to our local neighbours. We’ll probably set up some talks in our homes and get some discussion points going.

I have just done the Act on CO2 calculator and it came up with a total of 1.46 tonnes per year of CO2 emmisions for home, appliances and travel. They’re missing something – the copy/paste code to publish into your blog. They should do that.

My personal action points from today are to get a wormery!! I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, and i hate the way that food scraps go mouldy in the bin. May as well get some pet worms to enjoy it and make some useful compost for us. I also want to grow some runner beans. We don’t have a garden, but runner beans can be grown on the balcony. Maybe some other things too.


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