A water-saving tip

I never knew that you could flush the toilet[0] simply by pouring a bucket of water down it. I suppose i imagined there was some trigger when you pressed the flush lever, to make it empty the bowl … but now i think about it, of course there isn’t! All it does is lets more water in, and it’s the weight of the extra water which disturbs the balance, pushing it out through the pipe at the back.

I still didn’t quite believe it until i tried it, but it really works. So when you’ve finished cleaning the bathroom, just empty the bucket of dirty water into the toilet. Rinse out the bucket and pour that into the toilet too. Easy! No water wasted, and you’ve saved a flush too!

[0] Works on my toilet. Other designs of toilet are available. Not guaranteed to work on every toilet. This toilet-related water-saving tip is brought to you by mychores.co.uk.


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